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Create chained Prompt + SQL workflows for specific business personas

I am looking for someone with a data engineering background to help us build a set of workflows that combine SQL queries with LLM prompts. These workflows should address specific needs that data professionals might have that could be solved through prompt chaining, SQL queries and coded logic.


$5000 USD

Build a chatbot for a database of astronomy texts

I have already build an initial MVP called Galactic Origins to take a database of astronomy texts and have them interact with the GPT 3-5-turbo model.The goal is to "chat" with this vast information and open the research to people. I would also love to discuss with people on how to do hypothesis generation too based on these ideas. I think in the time of GPT-4 and Claude and Alpaca, awesome space ideas that come from JWST can do humanity a lot of good. I will be In San Fran from the 26th of March till the 1st of April, if you want to meet for coffee, which I can buy ;).



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